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About Us

Our Motive

The motive of JewellerySupermart is to provide our customers with the highest quality of hand crafted, customized Imitation Fashion Jewellery .

To achieve our mission, we focus on:

The JewellerySupermart Story

The originator of the cubic zerconia jewellery, JewellerySupermart has steadily expanded over the years into a full range of quality fashion jewelry, from bridal pieces and fashion rings to bracelets, earrings and necklaces. 

The story of JewellerySupermart begins in Jaipur  in the early 1990 JewellerySupermart’s founder began designing his own jewelry and forming important relationships with wholesalers and retailers. In 1995 Other family members soon joined in and the manufacturing business steadily grew. The company gained early recognition for its designs and has been the leading manufacturer ever since. 

In 2014, the company launched an e-commerce division to cater directly to the public. The business became known as JewellerySupermart. The name and brand known as JewellerySupermart have stood for love, beauty and respect for quality from the very beginning, and to this day.

Quality of Product

JewellerySupermart’s foremost priority as a leading Precious Stone and Cubic Zerconia manufacturer and customized design retailer is two-fold: to provide outstanding customer service and sell only the highest quality Stone jewellery. JewellerySupermart understands that each order represents a meaningful and memorable moment of life celebration, and is committed to providing the quality of service and product equal that it merits. 

It is this individualized focus on customer service that sets JewellerySupermart apart from other companies. Each of our Stone jewelry pieces may be customized using the latest technology, with a wide array of options easily accessible on our website. Every single JewellerySupermart jewelry piece is made-to-order, personalized to the customer’s exact preferences under the expert guidance of our specialists. The testimonials of previous customers attest to JewellerySupermart’s ability to deliver on its commitment to service and quality.

Excellent Service Ratings

JewellerySupermart is dedicated to exceeding expectations of the online shopping experience. Since 2014 customers have enjoyed our top quality products and customer service. Our interactive website is both easy to use and secure for customizing your dream jewelry. 

JewellerySupermart takes pride in providing excellent service and products to all customers.

Commitment to the Environment

JewellerySupermart is committed to keeping the environment clean and is proud of its innovative and eco-friendly manufacturing facility. They apply innovative ways and technology that keeps the environment safe. 

To stay current with JewellerySupermart trends and product launches,Every week you will be informed about JewellerySupermart specials, new product releases and thoughtful gift ideas via messages

We hope that you will become one of the many satisfied purchasers of JewellerySupermart fashion jewellery. There is a reason why JewellerySupermart has retained its leading edge for nearly 28 years, and it has everything to do with time-honoured values of outstanding service and the finest of fashion jewelry quality.